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Tips on How To View Your Goals Derritelo de Amor With Clarity. Everybody wants to be successful in life. However, success does not come on a silver platter. It is also difficult to inherit success. To be successful in life, we have to have a dream. A dream strong enough to give us wings, the desire to achieve our dream. It starts with setting goals. The following are some tips you can use in order to see 

1. Define your goals 

Here is a trick question, how do you eat an elephant? The simple answer is, one bite at a time. That is how you approach the journey to your ultimate dream. One step at a time. You lay out a series of steps, which will be your goals toward the achievement of your dream. 

2. Set realistic goals 

Make sure that your goals are realistic. Every goal you set has to stretch you a little beyond your comfort zone. Being unrealistic about your goals will add excessive amounts of stress over trying to reach a goal that is effectively out of reach.

You want to ensure that the goals you set are measurable. For instance, you can say that after one year you want to have three cows and two goats. That goal is measurable.


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