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Anabolic Running
 What's the best abs workout? It takes dedication and tenacity to keep to your abs workout routine. In four weeks' time, you can actually pack lean muscles in your midriff, but the thing is, you also have to watch your diet. You basically cannot have buff abs if you're eating a bad diet. Define your abs with the right abs workout routine and the proper diet program. Here are some tips for your diet to pack muscles in your abs:If possible, avoid eating processed and refined every 3 hours so you can have 6 meals a day.Eat lean meats such as chicken and fish added with eggs. These a portion of these protein foods as the base of your meals.Snack on avocado, nuts, olives, seeds and snap peas in between your meals.Add starchy carbs such as rye, oatmeal and sprouted bread in your breakfast meal and your second meal along with a piece of fruit.Excellent food choices for your lunch are brown rich, sweet or regular potato and quinoa.Add some veggies for supper (evening meal), but avoid eating starchy carbs and root Drink plenty of water.Eat anything you want every 10 days. That'll be your cheat meal. You need a bit of dedication here because you're building six pack abs in 4 weeks.Take a post workout shake immediately after your workout. You should eat 20-30 grams of protein and 40-50 grams of carbs. These provisions will stabilize your hormones to activate the regeneration of your muscle tissues. It will regulate your blood sugar levels as well. Your 4 week Abs Workout Routine

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