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Tecademics Review

 excited and impatient at the same time since I'm broke and tired of barely being able to survive in this merciless world. If you are like me, sick and tired of learning, working endless hours, and being told how easy it is to make money online, yet see no results from our hours and hours of hard work, stuck with me and we will learn together.As is common with any business venture... sit down and set goals. Set realistic and obtainable goals for yourself in writing. Keep these goals accessible so that you are constantly reminded of them. Example: to make $150 a day by the end of 2012, to have a targeted subscriber list or 5,000 by the end of 2012.Another tip for starting out in internet marketingOnce you have your goals established, it is important to keep a daily journal of how you spend your time. This includes time spend at work, working on your business, reading e-mail, playing games, time spent on Facebook, etc. Also, it is important to keep track of the exact tasks you worked on in your businessLearning and searching for information to help you succeed in internet marketing is essential when you don't yet know what to do, but it can be very easy to get stuck in an information overload. You begin getting so many free e-books, free training videos, free documents, etc. that you don't even get through mostof them and you feel very confident and excited when you relate to the information you have read... BUT... Do you ever put this information into action?Sure you may start something, a web page or social media page of some kind... then you get stuck and look for more information, when you find a new type of strategy that works, and you change direction and forget about your previous project... It can be too easy to get caught up in all of the strategies and successes of others, but not really know where you are headed.  

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