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Strengthen your shoulder's external rotators. Subacromial impingement is one of the most common injuries that occur within the shoulder. This injury causes pain during internal rotation (the same motion that enables you to throw a ball). You can reduce the tendency of shoulder impingement and pain when you strengthen the external rotators. You can achieve this goal by adding some band or cable resisted external rotations to your warm-up exercises to properly stimulate your shoulders. As much as possible, avoid lateral raises beyond 90 degrees. Another usual cause of subacromial impingement is doing lateral raises too high. In general, some trainers instruct raising the arms to ear-level, which is above 90 degrees. However, physical therapists say that when you abduct your arms or raise them out to the side too high, your shoulders will have to externally rotate to prevent impingement. If this is not done properly, you are at risk of hurting or injuring your shoulders.

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