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 Oxidation acts in a similar fashion in our bodies. In all people's skin, the cell oxidation can create wrinkles, dull looking skin and dry patches.All free radicals or "bad guys" do not always do damage. Some free radicals aid in targeting and destroying cells which are infected or even cancerous, which is good, but they also can permanently affect and destroy DNA and healthy cells as well. This process breaks down normal cell structures which determine the way our bodies age. We want to protect our bodies by decreasing the number of free radicals in them. This is where a good antioxidants skin care program comes in.The way that the "good guys", antioxidants, work is that they bind with and remove the free radicals before they oxidize and damage the skin. This will allow the body to maintain its normal balance and thus allow it to look healthier and younger for a longer time. 

Antioxidants skin care serves other supportive services to our bodies as well. It helps the immune system stay strong and even strengthens it further, it helps prevent nervous system and brain decay, lower cholesterol, which aids in preventing heart attacks and strokes, fight against cancer and help lower blood pressure. Vitamins A, C and E, zinc and selenium are the most commonly known antioxidants; however, leafy veggies, beans, nuts, fruit, white and green teas, and red wine contain abundant levels of them. Recently, the most newly touted antioxidants for skin care include bioflavenoids, which are found mostly in the plants we eat. They are responsible for fighting free radical damage and for combating some cancers. Another, catechin found in wines, helps strengthen the immune system and neutralizes free radicals. Lastly is idebenone which is particularly potent. It is very effective in destroying the free radicals which affect the skin's elasticity and firmness, thus fighting the signs of aging. It is considered more effective in minimizing the signs of aging than the heralded Coq10.

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