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The DIY Smart Saw Review Birds can be attracted to your home simply by offering them food, water, shelter and a place to raise their young. Trees and shrubs that yield fruit, berries, seeds, nuts and cones will provide food. Native plants and dense undergrowth left to thrive in chosen areas of your property will provide shelter, protection and natural nesting and roosting sites. Nesting boxes can also be secured to trees and posts to attract several species of birds and give them a place to raise their young. Birdbaths, pools and water features can be built to supply water, and feeders strategically placed around the yard will furnish supplementary food for the birds when natural sources diminish. The first thing you will want to do to attract birds to your yard is to find out which species of birds live in your area and which birds migrate through the area where you live. If you live in the Northwest and want to attract the Northern Cardinal to your yard you will find it an impossible task because this species of bird lives in the eastern part of the United States. You can begin to discover which birds live in your area by observing the birds you see around you everyday. These birds you are able to observe yourself is a start but don't assume that they are the extent of the local bird population. Check with your local Audubon Society or wildlife club for a rundown of birds you may attract and information on what dates they arrive from their seasonal migrations. The next thing you will want to do is to supply the habitat necessary to support the birds you want to attract. This is critical if you want birds to not only visit your backyard but stay and breed in your area. Natural wildlife habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate in the world and is the number one threat to wildlife today. You can surround yourself with beautiful native plants that will attract wildlife and allow you to observe an amazing array of wildlife everyday. You will want to consult with your state's native plant society, natural resources agency or local county agriculture department to determine which species of plants naturally grow locally where you live.These native plants provide the most natural source of food for your birds but you can also supplement these natural food sources with bird feeders. This is a great way to observe the birds up close. There are many different types of bird feeders you can build or purchase and I suggest you use a variety to attract the greatest variety of birds. 

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