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ADHD medications may not be "natural", but the benefits are clear. Nutritional and herbal supplements may have benefits... but they are not "natural" either. Why do we keep pretending they are? So if one "unnatural" solution is acceptable (supplements), why can't we view ADHD medication as a reasonable possibly, dare I say, relatively safe strategy? Why do we continue to condemn and fear ADHD medications when they are regulated and prescribed by highly trained professionals? And how is it that the unregulated, over the counter herbal supplements continue to be "safe"? The bottom line? Our lives these days are blessed by options. Finding the right medication or alternative treatment that has significant positive benefits balanced with the least amount of negative side effects at the lowest dose is always the goal. Always. There is still much work to be done in the fight towards ADHD awareness. There still rages the debate at a very basic level if ADHD is "real". Unfortunately this leaves so many people with ADHD doubting themselves as they continue to struggle alone. Instead of arguing about what is "natural" or not, perhaps our energy could be focused on what "works" so we all can succeed.

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