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Oracle Designer offers substantial new configuration management capabilities utilizing the Oracle Repository. This article will provide an overview of the new configuration management functionality and how it can best be utilized to provide a robust application development environment. One of the primary benefits of using Oracle Designer is the ability to share existing knowledge between applications. 

However when new functionality needs to be added to the repository and existing applications have already been defined serious configuration management issues can arise. What used to work may suddenly exhibit new and unintended features. A well planned configuration management plan coupled with the new features of Designer can help to alleviate most of the problems associated with revisions and derivations of applications. Configuration Management coordinates the resolution of software development issues by identifying and controlling the problems that confront software development teams. Maintaining multiple incremental releases of software inevitably causes them to diverge from each other meaning that even with the best of intentions a seemingly identical change made to two versions of an application many times result in two different results. Over time the discrepancy between versions grows wider as new features are introduced that may not be included in the original version. Without control over existing releases with their bug fixes and new release that introduce added functionality the ability to rebuild prior versions becomes difficult or impossible. Manually maintaining the identification and maintenance of existing versions becomes increasingly difficult as new versions are released. As additional versions are introduced it is increasingly likely that a modification will not be propagated or retrofitted which may introduce bugs or result in a loss of functionality.

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