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Unlimited Profit System Review Monavie has recently become one of the most popular home-based businesses for network marketers. Their acai juice (pronounced [asa'i]) is their flagship product, and with it, they have positioned themselves as a having a great opportunity to generate income.However, there are also some very real concerns about starting or participating in a Monavie business. I'm about to go through and give an unbiased review of the pros and cons of developing a business with Monavie, and see if we can find out whether Monavie is a great opportunity...or a great scam.Monavie was founded by Dallin Larsen and is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their juice is a combination of 19 blends of fruit juice, the leading ingredient of which is a freeze-dried and powdered version of acai. There have been plenty of testimonials from people using the MonaVie product, ranging from headache relief, arthritis, to lowered blood pressure and relief from other heart-related issues.

Monavie is a network marketing company, and they pay out, up to 50% commissions on a binary compensation plan (which means you need two "legs" under you). A bottle of their juice retails at $37.50, and requires a registration fee of $39.00.One of the first concerns about starting a Monavie business is the mandatory order of four bottles per month (approximately $130 before shipping and taxes) just to be eligible to collect a check. The price is not so much the issue, as the volume of liquid. Unless you have a family that enjoys the juice, you will be making a commitment to include this juice as a staple in your diet.Monavie has a pretty standard "network marketing" model for their distributors to follow - making lists of friends and family members to invite over for a "tasting party". This is where you can have a bunch of strangers in your home, chugging the zesty juice that you paid for. In fact, distributors are encouraged to actually hand out bottles to prospects. At nearly $40 a pop, it does not take long to become an expensive endeavor.  

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