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Perhaps this point is the most important. Established home businesses generally have a good training programs or the business entered into already has clearly defined and working practices and skills. Internet marketing though is somewhat different. The skills needed are more varied and flexible. The industry itself has had difficulty coming to terms with this and has so far settled to providing training for specific products that are more suited to the established marketer. Things though are changing rapidly. Some in the industry have recognized the need for basic training and support. They have taken a mature attitude and looked towards the model of cooperative learning. This is in its infancy but knowing the industry I can see it developing very quickly.There is not much difference between startup costs within all the small home businesses. Statistics put it at 40-45% of businesses require approximately $5000 capital. The difference comes again within the realm of marketing. Nearly all Internet marketing opportunities fail to give any realistic figures on total startup costs. The industry is still geared towards selling products rather than the needs of their customers, new marketers. This though again is changing. Realism has entered the arena and there s a new transparency emerging within a few leading marketers as to the true startup costs of an internet marketing business.Most home industry businesses are subject to fairly strict standards of business. The internet marketing industry to date has been an unregulated playing field where anything goes. With such a worldwide industry it has been almost impossible to establish and maintain any form of business practice. Fortunately the industry is beginning to regulate itself if in a somewhat arbitrary way. External regulation would be almost impossible and probably not acceptable but more needs to be done to limit the extremes of some practitioners.To summarize the Internet marketing Industry, although young in terms of history is making great efforts to become a mature industry. We all know that it is indeed possible for a few to make a very good income within a short time. With an understanding of what the new internet marketing business owners needs, realism, basic marketing training, support and products which meet their needs. With the sort of progress made so far the statistics should soon show a much more positive picture.

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