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Tai Cheng
Lack of self-kindness can lead to the loss of identity, the blues, symptoms of depression, or a medical diagnosis of depression. You don't need any of these things at this time of life. Instead, identify the self-kindness steps that work for you--a trial and error process. While you're figuring this out, you need to continue to be a caregiver and take care of yourself. Like buying new shoes, you have to "try on" self-kindness. You may eat lunch out with a friend for weeks, until you realize this is costly self-kindness. A new hobby may grab your attention until you realize you don't like it. Getting together with family members can be self-kindness, but this is difficult if relatives live far away, and your meetings are few. Whether you are a volunteer family caregiver or a paid health care professional, each caregiver has to determine the self-kindness steps that work for them. I'm in my 19th year of caregiving and am also a health and wellness writer. To produce articles and books I need time for thought and research. Therefore, I build quiet time into every day. In fact, quiet is my top self-kindness step. Mike O'Connor cites examples of self-kindness in his article, "40 Ways to Practice Self-Kindness," posted on the Kindness blog. Some ideas, such as drinking plenty of water, sound simple. In reality, staying hydrated is crucial to good health. Another of his suggestions is to learn to accept compliments and resist the urge to deny them. Being emotionally honest, asking for help, mindful eating, and limiting the time we spend with difficult people are more of his suggestions.

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