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You see a chase system uses simple mathematics to ensure that you do not ever lose money. However, you must make sure you bet the correct amount and you must have the guts to follow through with this program. The system is easy to follow regardless of which sport you bet on and regardless of if you are chasing a specific team or a general sport. In 2007, AFSB completed a study of the chase system in the NHL focusing on the Montreal Canadians. The system worked like this: On day 1, $25.00 was bet on Montreal, if Montreal lost, then the next time that Montreal played $50.00 was bet on Montreal, if Montreal lost again, then in the next game $100.00 was bet on Montreal, if Montreal lost that game then $200.00 was bet on Montreal and so on until Montreal wins or you run out of money. Once Montreal wins then the system resets and the next time Montreal won $25 was bet on Montreal in their next game, if they lost then in the next game $50 was bet on Montreal, however, if they won, then in the next game $25 was bet on Montreal.This simple system made us $1,210.00 in the NBA Playoffs in 2007 (see our Article on Absolutely Free Sports Bets regarding the NBA Dog-Chase System). We again used this system in the 2008 MLB playoffs and picked up a nice $1,373.00.In the 2010 NCAA Basketball season we are utilizing this system in a more generic manner. We are playing one Dog-Chase and one Favorite-Chase that is not team specific. Click on our Free Picks link to see the details of the 2010 NCAA Basketball Chase System hard at work.   

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