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Young animals have the need Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer to chew while teething just like human children. This need continues for years. The same is true for the exercising of their muscles, claws and voices. If you take an animal as a pet and all you want is something cuddly, soft and warm to be near you when YOU want it there, then buy a stuffed animal. The real thing has needs and feelings just like we do. Tying them up, ignoring them or keeping them in a pen is in most cases the same as child abuse and neglect. Do not blame your cat if it claws at things around the house that you don't want it to. You probably taught it this behavior, albeit unintentionally. The innocent play that you initiate with your animals instills in them that this behavior is acceptable not only during your "play time" but all the time. So, realize that pulling that toy on a string across the floor to get the kitten to chase it, claw at it, bite it and tear it apart translates to the cat that doing the same thing to the beautiful mobile that you made or the Tiffany lamp with the strings of beads hanging from it also becomes fair game in the cat's mind. Rough housing with the puppy teaches it that biting you and jumping on you is acceptable and when they don't distinguish between jumping on you when you are wearing jeans and T-shirt or when you are wearing your most beautiful evening gown and they have muddy feet... Well, I think you get the point. Understand that it is YOU they are playing with and what you are wearing makes no impression on them at all. Disciplining them for doing what you demonstrated to trainer-program-review/  them as being acceptable sends very mixed signals and causes great emotional distress which causes dis-ease. Though I use cats and dogs as examples, because they are the most common pets, all that I have said is equally true for all animals.The last point I will make concerns wild animals. These animals are very different from domestic animals. They are born free and without constraint except for their natural instincts which serve them well in their world. Humans make the astronomically huge mistake in thinking that wild animals find it acceptable to be cared for by us if they are injured. This attitude could not be further from the truth. I will relate a true, firsthand story here to illustrate this.

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