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Simply put, compound bow cams Midnight Money Machine are the pulleys, usually attached to the end(s) of the weapon. These are almost round in shape and usually attached to the limb(s), the cable slides, the bow strings and the buss cable. The cams' main purpose is to take in as much kinetic energy from the pull exerted on the bow string and keep it off the aiming arm. This ensures that the arm and the bow remain steady during aiming which should result in a more accurate shot. Although there are numerous people taking into careful account of bow cam designs, there are also certain things you should look out for when choosing cam types or styles. 

For example: Products that promote the newest cam groove technology or alloy composition are basically telling you that they have added a few more incidental lines or attachments to the existing designs of the pulley system. Both of which will not affect the performance of the weapon itself, but may help increase the prices of the said products. Cams have specific purposes, and the type of groove that is installed in the strings and the type of materials these were made from, are standard fare. You should not be paying more for these. As such, there are four types or styles of cams available in the market. These are: binary, hybrid, single and twin cams. Binary cams. 

Binary cams are the newest of all cam designs. The main principle behind these pulleys is that there is more control to be acquired if the cams are attached mainly to each other by way of cam-to-cam control cables, instead of being installed on the end of the bow's limbs. This free floating system guarantees that the force of the pull easily equalizes any imbalance in limb, string or cable length control. Often referred to also as the self-correcting system, this type of cam usually does not suffer from synchronization or timing issues.

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