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By nature, we are emotional and our Total Money Magnestism Review reactions to life, through multiple feelings contribute to a richer, full experience. When something happens in daily life that is painful we all have a reaction to it. We are multi-level beings and our emotions bring us both great joy and sadness. That is the way we are hardwired and for good health, must honor our feelings. One model, suggests that all emotions arise from the 2 basic feelings of love and fear. According to Frank Sant'Agata, all emotions can be traced back to these primary feelings. "Love and fear are the only emotions we as human entities are able to express. All the others are just sub-categorical emotions. For example, on love's side there is joy, peacefulness, happiness, forgiveness, and a host of others. 

On the other hand, fear reflects: hate, depression, guilt, inadequacy, discontentment, prejudice, anger, attack, and so on. Love and fear can not coexist. Where one is, the other can't be also. The one will leave immediately, should the other enter its presence. If you find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing great joy, and are suddenly overtaken by fear, the joy is gone! But it works the other way too: If you are terrorized, frightened, or otherwise threatened in any way, all you need to do is turn to the love within and the fears disappears." Next time you are watching TV Talk Shows and the Host is trying to convince you of something, evaluate their presentation using the following criteria: is this a manipulation of the fear and reward stick. Do as I say- good things will happen; if not, bad things will happen. Most often, the media, politicians, some forms of religion, and corporations continually use this manipulation. Unless you see the manipulation- it is very difficult to understand and disarm, particularly, when you are up against a formidable societal power structure. From a spiritual standpoint, we want to become masters of our emotions, so we can temporarily get beyond them. When we are emotionally charged, most often, the quiet, spiritual part of ourselves will not come forward. It will not operate under these conditions.

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