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The DiskMaster is an excellent example of how data can be destroyed using a hardware approach. It is fast, efficient and you can set a predefined pattern that should be written to the disk. The DiskMaster is able to wipe drives to Department Money Mentors Club of Defence standards.However, again with this approach much time is required to wipe a drive. The concept of a hard disk drive has evolved since the 1950's where data from 5MB (Mega Byte) could be stored. Now we are in an era where 750GB (Giga Bytes) can be stored on one single disk. This inevitably means to destroy a disk, using either software or hardware based approaches will increase in time, cost and subsequently your patience.I believe that physical destruction is the quickest and simplest approach. By removing the top plate of a hard disk drive, you limit the chances of recovering the data due to dust and other contaminants affecting the drives platters (where your data is stored).

Physically scoring lines or drilling holes into the platter will hopefully destroy the data beyond any reasonable doubt. The concept of shredding paper to deter criminals using printed material such as bank statements or bills for identity theft and forgery has now been taken to the next level. Available now is an industrial tape and hard disk shredder. If you search within Google "GSA Industrial Tape and Hard Drive Destroyer 380/500" you will witness the future when it comes to data destruction.This powerful machine, whilst not commercially viable for the home user, would suit any large company where data destruction was crucial to their intellectual electronic property. Using this machine would render data retrieval practically impossible. I cannot imagine a point in the future where we would be able to reconstruct the data from shredded material.Obviously this method would mean a user couldn't resell their hard drive. However as the cost of hard disk drives decrease year in year out, is the cost of another hard drive really an issue?

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