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Don't be scared to have special offers or discount exclusive to your campaign. It has been proven that a consumer will be much more engaging if you have something specially priced for theThe Effortless Email Prospecting System  recipient. Most people believe they are a smart shopper and will only act if they think they are getting a great deal.Today's consumer is smarter. Don't write spammy ads no one wants to get. Yes, we have all received the ACT NOW, click here, click here again, and again and again, Limited Time!!!, BOLD FONT and cheap clip art type email ads.

 They do not work and typically will go to spam and will be caught by most junk email filters anyway. Provide a well-written offer and present it in a non-threatening, non-spammy way. Trust me this will outsell the typical junk most people see and you will be shocked at the improvement. Subscribe to your competitors newsletters. If it's relevant to your business subscribe and get informed. Keeping an eye on your competition is easy and it can be done simply by subscribing to their company newsletter. This is very helpful and can quickly educate you on the market trends and where your industry is headed before it's mainstream knowledge. It can be a good idea to even setup a free email account to manage this activity, those emails can then forward to your main inbox keeping your main email address safe from abuse. 

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