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 Relationships; Learn Wake Up Lean
 to incorporate active listening in your relationships. Exercise the value of compassion and empathy. Finances, relationships, and health can all be sources of great happiness or great stress. Success can be impeded when money is scarce, when relationships are strained, and when health is poor. learn to incorporate active listening in your relationships. There's a great deal of validation when one's views are heard. Health: Take time for daily exercise. Be sure to have a diet that is rich in alkalizing foods. Take probiotics daily and be sure to include a variety of vegetables in your diet. The greater part of your diet should be vegetables, followed by fruits and small amounts of protein. Be sure to eat three to four servings of fish per week. Set aside daily time for tai chi. Tai chi helps build chi energy, which is important in maintaining health. Finances, relationship, and health are all critical when in the process of building success. Poor people skills can impede the ability to get along with co-workers. Financial insecurity can spill over to work situations, and poor health can interrupt every area of life. Secure your finances, take care of your relationships, and build your health. All are important in building success. It's hard to be successful when money is scarce, when relationships are draining, and when health is challenging. Be sure to incorporate some weight building exercises two or three times a week. This will strengthen muscles and bones. Eliminate all sugar, all gluten, and all dairy. Your body will say thank you for this. Self care in all three areas is important in creating a life of happiness, joy, and fulfillment. Take
 care of your finances, relationships, and health. Life fulfillment will be guaranteed.     

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