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Electricity Freedom System

Several credits are available when buying or leasing hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles purchased on or before December 31, 2010. The amount of the credit depends on certain criteria, such as fuel economy compared other vehicles of comparable weight. The credit will begin to be phased out for each manufacturer when it sells 60,000 eligible vehicles. At that point, the credit for each company's vehicles will slowly reduce over a fifteen month period. A list of qualifying vehicles is available on the IRS website. Also worth noting is the Plug-In Hybrid Conversion Kit credit, in effect through 2011. Any hybrid owner who purchases a qualifying conversion kit will receive a 10% credit, up to $4000. Perhaps the greatest benefit of increasing the energy efficiency of one's home or workspace is the financial element. Reducing energy consumption and energy loss will, in turn, lower overall energy costs. The primary difficulty, then, is affording such systems in the first place. With the aforementioned tax incentives, an energy efficient home is within reach of many more homeowners. Edmund E. Taylor has researched and writes on a number of topics including solar energy, the green movement, renewable resources and recycling. His background is in teaching and higher education. For more of Edmund's articles on green energy, please visit PV Power a supplier of residential and commercial solar power information. Today, our world is in a serious economic crisis since World War II. We also need to face inflation on all of our bills all the time. What can we do to efficiently save money from home energy? Personally, I've been search for useful methods for quite some time.

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