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Système Délivrance  Although flat feet are well known to cause foot problems, a high arch can also lead to unique foot problems. Often the problems associated with a high arch foot can be worse than than the more controllable flat foot type. Proper shoes and support are key to preventing these issues.High arches are due to multiple reasons, but are almost always because of genetics inherited from one's parents. In a high arched (or cavus) foot, the rear portion of the foot is angled too high while the mid or front part of the foot is angled too steeply. This deformity can be further classified by the location of the steepest portion of the arch. This type of foot is seen in healthy individuals as well as those with nerve and muscular disorders. High arched feet can cause a variety of problems. Because of its prominent position, the ball of the foot can become irritated and calloused. Years of walking with increased pressure to the ball of the foot will eventually take its toll. Painful hammertoes can also develop, as the prominent arch causes a muscle imbalance that will force the toes to contract upward. The heel may also become painful due to poor shock absorption. The foot's ability to absorb the shock generated by walking is linked to its ability to flatten out effectively. A higher arched foot cannot do this as well, and therefore receives excessive shock with every step taken. Because of this, high arched feet have difficulty with sustained walking or running.

Treatment revolves around addressing the specific symptoms of a high arched foot. Orthotics (prescription shoe inserts) with shock absorption properties can relieve the excessive forces on the heel and relieve pressure on the ball of the foot. Unlike with flat feet, over-the-counter arch supports with shock absorbing material may be a suitable alternative to prescription devises for high arch feet, as long as the padding is substantial enough. Properly fitting and supportive shoes are an important consideration, and must be well padded to absorb the forces of walking. Bracing of the foot and ankle may be required in some individuals. When hammertoes are painful, they can be treated in a number of different ways. This can include padding, taping, deeper shoes, and surgery to straighten the toes.  

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