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It is really difficult for the classroom teachers to detect whether the child is suffering from dyslexia or not. They can only detect the signs and advise the parents of the child to consult a psychologist or a health professional in order to diagnose the disease or other mental disability Hip Flexors Complete Guide associated with the child. Reversal of numbers and letters is the most preliminary symptom of the disorder. Such reversals are very common among the children of age group 7-8 years and generally diminish by that time. If the signs do not diminish it clearly indicates that the child has dyslexia. Difficulty in copying the content from the blackboard or book also indicates towards this disorder. General disorganization of the general class work may also be noticed.

 The child is not able to remember the contents of his or her favorite video and storybook. Problems noticed in the classroom learning may also be observed during the playground activities. The child may be uncoordinated and finds difficult to associate himself with sports and games. Difficulty with left and right is very common and dominance for either hand has also not established. In early grades of school music and dance are very often used to enhance academic learning but the child faces difficulty to tune himself with music and dance. Auditory problems in dyslexia include a number of body functions. Generally it is difficult for the child to remember and understand what he hears. Recalling a sequence of things at a time for such child is often very difficult. Parts of words or whole sentences may be found missing and the words spoke by the child may often appear very funny. Although the children with such problem know very well what they want to say but are not able to express. Many subtle signs can be observed in children with this disorder. Children may often appear depressed. They often begin to distract their mind away from learning.

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