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Be surprising. Give a little effort and The Language Of Lust surprise her every once in a while - not only is it romantic, it's also one hell of way to get her thrilled and looking forward in seeing you every single day. Surprising her is another way to make it up to her after you've had a fight - guaranteed to patch things up in an instant! Be sweet. That's right - being sweet to the point of being cheesy and syrupy is sometimes a very effective way to make a woman fall in love with you. Especially the sweet girls. They long for poetry, chocolates, flowers and teddy bears - it won't hurt if you try it either/ Be charming.

Being charming is not really something that happens instantly. It usually entails confidence and self-love. The more you learn to love yourself, the more lovable and charming you will be. So be a little "self-centered" once in a while. It will do you good. Keep things cool. Don't be too laidback but don't be too uptight either. Just be cool. Whatever happens, don't lose you wit. Stay collected and calm. It's normal that you get to exchange a few beliefs and opinions via text messages but don't be rude or get offended easily. Steer to a lighter topic - there's plenty of opportunity to start to get naughty and sexy in that. Call her up. When things start to become naughtier and heated up, ditch the texting and give her a call.

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