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Brain training is the new "craze" when it comes to shaping your mind. As it so happens, an explosion in training to improve cognitive processing occurred since scientists have discovered that the neurons in your brain do, in fact, make new connections with each other (this is called brain plasticity). When this was discovered and proven, it has been essentially ground-breaking science, although it may not seem that way. When you were younger, your mother told you "use it or lose it", and this phrase does apply to your brain. Amazingly, by using your brain in different ways, you can make new connections throughout your brain, which is believed to decrease your risk of diseases like Alzheimer's, and you can truly make your brain stronger. There are two schools of thought on how to train your brain - passive and active brain training. What's the difference, and what do these do for your brain? Brain Training Types Once people began to uncover this knowledge that you can train your brain, a new market seemingly popped up overnight. Companies like Luminosity have made brain training a lucrative business model. However, even simple puzzles that have been around forever (and are free) can actively train your brain. These types of puzzles include jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, and the daily crossword puzzle can help your brain make these new connections over time.

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