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Language of Lust

his goes along with #2. DO NOT talk about all your life disappointments, ESPECIALLY about ex-lovers. She does not care you didn't get the video game when you were 5, the car when you were 16 or the love of your life at age 22. She is there SOLELY to see if she likes you enough to see you again for a second date. Get her laughing and keep things light. Don't reveal too much personal information about yourself, ESPECIALLY about how you feel about her. A lot of guys blurt out how much they like the girl and how they'd love to see her again. That turns women off because in spite of what they say, they like to chase a guy.When you drop "I think this date is going really well, I like you a lot, maybe we can do this again," then she might smile at you and say she likes you too. She might even enthusiastically agree to another date. Make no mistake though, you lowered her INTEREST LEVEL in you by telegraphing your true feelings.Her INTEREST LEVEL is like real interest in a savings account. Money doesn't gain interest in your pocket, it gains interest when you invest it. Her INTEREST LEVEL doesn't rise in you when you're in her face telling you how much you like her, it rises when you're not around and she is wondering about what you're up to.Also, don't give her too many compliments (you're allowed 2, "you look nice," at the beginning and "I had fun," at the end) and DO NOT give her gifts. That means no flowers during the date (or after) and no candy, bears, shiny things, etc. Her INTEREST LEVEL doesn't rise because of what you give her.

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