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Eat Stop Eat

The consumption of fat is not as problematic as advertised. The fat in your body is not a direct result of the fat that is consumed, but rather of the failure to use up the calories ingested as energy. That is the reason that the exercise component is so extremely important There is a degree of fat content in foods like banana and peanuts, but they are not evil because of the fat content they contain. You need to distinguish between the types of fat in your diet, while bacon grease causes high cholesterol and helps to foster weight problems, the fat in virgin olive oil does not. It does not matter where you grocery shop in America or what commercial television that you watch, if you are conscious in America, you will be subjected to the promotional efforts of Kellogg, and the Special K Diet Challenge. 

The Special K diet Challenge is a based on Kellogg's effort to encourage the Obese in America to correct the situation by substituting one meal a day with a bowl of SPecial K cereal, or one of the products created therewith, ie Special K waffles, or Special K protein bars. You can try the Special K Diet, however I would suggest that you consult with a nutritionist to ensure that you also consume enough other foods to provide a nutritional balance. You are okay to try the Special K diet, just ensure that you consult a nutritionist to guide you in the process.It is quite possible that if you try the Special K Diet, that you will Lose weight. However the reason is not because of any special ingredients contained in Special K. The fact of the matter is that by replacing a meal with the special K diet products, you will be reducing you caloric intake, if you undertake the "challenge' just be sure to monitor your remaining food consumption carefully.

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