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Remember that money Vibrational Manifestation is a tool to create. It is like the pipes in your house. Set it up to receive, but unhook from banging on the pipes. When you go about your day, you don't think about the pipes as you shower, wash the dishes or quench your thirst. Get on with living and appreciate the source of the supply and the delivery, not the plumbing! So, to get past a temporary manifesting crisis, use your imagination to call it forward and watch for it. Appreciate it in small amounts as it shows up. Eventually to be a master manifester, make it about the outcome, not the way to get there. Lori Mitchell is the author of SPEED Manifesting™. She teaches The SPEED Manifesting Method™ through personal coaching, networking clubs and online courses. She runs a facebook community as a playground to learn how to speed up the process of creating your life from your thinking and feeling. Listen LIVE on her weekly internet radio show and join her membership list to receive audio replays as well as email and video inspiration. 

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