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Erectile dysfunction (also known as man's inability to maintain or obtain an erection) may occur at any stage of the life of a man, and often by a number of different reasons. disfuncion erectil tratamiento  According to the Sexual Dysfunction Association nearly one in 10 men in the United Kingdom have experienced symptoms of erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, though for many this is a permanent condition. What causes erectile dysfunction? For many men is purely physiological. Stress, depression, or impeded by their own negative thoughts and feelings, any of these symptoms can prevent intercourse. 

 However, for some men is not so simple. Sometimes a doctor. Some of the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems, hormone deficiencies, or side effects of drug abuse. In cases of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, erectile dysfunction treatment can be administered for control of the victims of eating habits and exercise regimen. However, for many victims of his first port of call is usually PDE5 inhibitors, commonly known as Viagra and sildenafil. The problem with each of these treatments is that although they are only short-term solutions. The relief they provide is brief and short-term quick.

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