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VO Genesis Review  Internet marketing has become one of the fastest employment options available today. Forbes Magazine predicts that over 79 million people will be home business owners within the next 3-5 years. It's no surprise with over 10% unemployment in the United States as of this writing, not to mention the ripple effect that this economic downturn has had globally. There are over 1.4 million people searching for a home business every day with many of them finding a lucrative opportunity in Internet marketing. The following are 10 reasons why Internet marketing appeals to so many people. Market Opportunity - The Internet in its current stage is relatively young with Google being only 10 years old this year. Already though there are 1.5 Billion searches preformed daily and as mentioned previously 1.4 Million people looking for a home business.Low Business Start-up Cost - Compare to a traditional "Brick and Mortar" company, the start-up costs are low. As an added benefit, none of the overhead expenses that usually are required in a traditional business exist with your Internet marketing business. All you need is a computer Internet access and a telephone. Family - You create your own schedule on your own time line. If you have children wouldn't you want to pick them up from the school bus? Wouldn't you want to spend quality time nurturing their education? How about work in your PJ's, that's OK too!Be your own Boss - The only one you report to is you yourself. Want to call in happy today? Just do it! No time clock to punch, no sick time to allocate, no supervisor to answer to. They can't fire or lay someone off who is self employed. 

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