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Body lotion for normal skin loose Normal skin does not present very dry areas, it needs a moderate hydration. In this case you need a lotion with a light texture and you can even replace a body milk. Also, body lotion type 2 in 1 that can be used in the shower, while you brush are recommended in your case. No charges your skin and gives you both a gentle moisturizing. Avoid silicone body lotions Some skin moisturizing cosmetics containing harmful substances that affect your skin health while. One is silicone, which has the property to cover the skin with a thin,  LuxDerma very fine, which gives the false feeling of softness and hydration. But this film has negative effects on the skin and blocked pores and the emergence of problems such as acne (arms, back, chest) or ingrown hairs (especially the arms and legs). Use body lotions from natural ingredients.

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