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Fat there, but it is not too much, and with proper nutrition is easy to get rid of it. Muscles have mesomorph respond well to power the load , and are growing rapidly, especially for beginners. However, if you do not follow the diet, you can dial the excess fat. If you add cardio , then from it will be quite easy to get rid of. endomorph endomorph In endomorphs body broad, round and soft. Growth is usually small, thick and relatively short torso arms and legs. In endomorphs the nature of strong legs, due to this, they achieve good results in the exercises on the lower body (squat becomes). Example endomorphic physique bodybuilding stars among Tvolve  men: Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) Typical features endomorphs: wrist circumference of 20 cm; wide waist, shoulders and thighs ( "stocky" body type); the legs are generally shorter than the body; slow metabolism; There are often overweight, or it is easily typed with the wrong diet.

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