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Hollywood Bright Smile Reviews: Smoking is another cause for teeth yellowing. The nicotine and tar cause a build up of unhealthy plaque on the teeth which if ignored seeps slowly into the teeth and stains teeth from inside. This stain can be tough to remove but thanks to the combination of the whitening agents like and in it become a little bit easier to get rid of the.. This is another beverage that causes the teeth to stain and become yellow. A regular coffee drinker might not have too many yellow teeth immediate but over a period of time, you may notice yellowness in your teeth. A heavy coffee drinker has yellow teeth which can be easily whitened with regular use of Hollywood Bright Smile consists of three very essential ingredients out which two are natural and third is an artificial ingredient which has been tried and tested for a very long time. The first two natural ingredients as discussed above are Peppermint Essential and. Both these ingredients have been used for decades as teeth cleaners. These ingredients have been all over the world for their anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which have been backed up the researchers working on. More info click here .

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