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T Volve A great many people don't inhale satisfactorily. To extend your voice, torque up your breath." Twila Thompson, chief of The Actors Institute in New York, agrees. "The voice is made in the breathing, not in your throat." She proposes that speakers, "Work on breathing into the paunch, pushing it out like an inflatable, holding it for five to 10 seconds, then releasing let some circulation into with a sound for five to 10 seconds." Another technique T Volve she prescribes for augmenting the voice in front of an audience is "associating with the group of onlookers and having a goal to contact them with each word you say." Thompson exhorts, "What is your aim in giving the discussion? Should they think in an unexpected way, challenge something? Having that expectation is more than 50 percent of the issue." Len Cariou, on-screen character, artist and Broadway star of Sweeny Todd, shares how he amplifies his voice by practicing the lower furthest points.

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