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With no genuine "rest days" other than a dynamic recuperation day on Sunday, you will be stretched as far as possible. Will you be sore? Yes. Will you feel over prepared? Yes. In any case, don't stress, your body is made to adjust, and one of the ways it will adjust to this insane calendar is to transform your digestion system into a furious inferno and liquefy away muscle to fat ratio ratios. Following 3 straight weeks of extraordinary preparing, you will at last find that "new you" this TST 1700  new year. Complete Line of BPI Supplements! MONDAY Day 1 begins off this project simply like any great week ought to - with a kick ass leg day. Warm up with a light run and extend. For your base force development you are going to hit 5 sets of 5 reps on Deadlift. Utilize the initial 2 sets of 5 as warm ups to work up to the best possible weight. Try not to be hesitant..

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