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Tressel Hawkins, Curtis Hall and Hames Phillips decided to take a 23-foot catamaran to Matagorda Bay, Texas for a sports-fishing trip. They woke-up in the middle of the night in knee-deep water when their pump failed. The catamaran capsized before they were able to make their distress call.he three men lasted eight days on the sea, on the top of the catamarans hull, exposed to the sun, with minimal food and water. They were only able to salvage two bags of chips, Double-mint gum, crackers and 2 gallons of water contaminated with gasoline when the boat turned-over. They were able to find submerged 30-gallon wash-down tank. The water, which was used to hose-off fish slime, was uncontaminated and were able to save their lives.The three supported each other during the entire ordeal. They were moments when they would freak out, start hallucinating, but they provided strength to each otherís In 2003, Aron Ralston was pinned for four days when a 200 pound boulder fell on him while climbing the Canyon lands National Park. When his water ran out, he knew that he would have to do something to get out of his situation. He cut the pinned arm from below the elbow with a pocketknife. He wrapped it with a bandage and climbed down to the canyons floor. It was the same for Bill Jeracki, when he decided to amputate his own leg when he was trapped by a boulder in the Colorado Rockies in 1993.

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