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Most objections to internet marketing are based on outdated misconceptions. The largest single hurdle of low speed internet connection has essentally been eliminated by rapid advances in technology. As of 2008, about 90% of residential internet connections in the USA were high speed broadband technology.Over thirty years ago, Franklin M. Fisher sounded like he was keyword stuffing in this quote from his book, Diagnosing Monopoly: "A barrier to entry is anything that prevents entry when entry is socially beneficial."A recent survey of marketing executives dscovered the three most common reasons for the 'barrier to entry' of large companies into internet marketing: Inability to measure response - The reverse is actually true. Web analytics can give an extremely detailed assessment of your company's marketing effort. No internal structure - Since there is no one in the company that has the experience to handle internet marketing then the subject will be avoided. Senior management - This has been the bane of progress throughout history. The same breed that said television advertising would never make it, print ads would not flourish and that 'wheel' thingy was probably dangerous.Internet marketing is already well established and developing traditions of its own. If your company is still hesitating to make use of the array of potential approaches to internet marketing strategy, you are giving the edge to your competitor.There are many internet marketing services that apply in any arena of business. Many monetization models allow you to combine strategies best suited to your business into a reliable income stream.

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