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The famous Turtle Traders founder Richard Dennis made history not only through his record-breaking trading performance but also for transforming the lives of a handful of individuals like you and me in under two weeks. Opus Formula Review He believed that he could pass on his successful principles as a trader to a non-professional trader and that based on them following his principles to the letter they too can become just as successful. Contrary to his peers opinions he proceed to do just that and the rest is history. 

This is no different to the teacher student relationship or master builder and apprentice relationship. Modern educators are promoting this exact principle to accelerate and help transform people's performance. It makes sense that success is a skill which can be taught even to trading Binary Options. Binary Options trading may be a fairly new investment vehicle but it should be no different to any other style of trading. It unique returns which range from 70% to 95% in under an hour make them appealing but should approached with the same discipline of any investment vehicle. All the tools a traditional trader uses to trade his market whether it is currency, stocks, options, indices and commodities are critical for their success.

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