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Many men cheat for the same reasons that caused their wives to cheat. He is bored with everything and wants to try something new but his wife wants no part of it. So instead of just taking the let down in stride, he seeks adventure elsewhere. Many times, sex (or lack thereof) plays a part in it as well. All of these things are what pushes our partners over the edge and into the arms of another person.What do you do if it does happen? How do you go about surviving an affair? Well the one thing you do not do is point your finger in his or her face and say this is your entire fault! Instead, let them know that what they did is inexcusable, but if they want to work this out then you're going to need time to yourself to heal and regroup. This is the most important first step in surviving an affair. Everyone will differ in how they go about surviving an affair. Some may need several weeks, others may take months. However long it takes you should be reassuring yourself of your self-worth and treating yourself how you think you deserve to be treated. This will give you time to recuperate while surviving an affair and undo at least some of the damage.Your survival begins with what you believe in your mind to be true. You may have already experienced an emergency situation and learned from the experience. You know the next time you are faced with the same emergency you will be better prepared because you have a knowledge base to draw upon. As a result, you now know what worked for you, and what you could have done to be better prepared. Do you remember the bible story of David and Goliath in the book I Samuel chapter 17? David was a shepherd boy who stood up to the Philistine giant named Goliath. As a shepherd, David had spent his life fighting off predators to protect his flock. He was equipped to survive in the field. In his mind he was also prepared to take on this nine foot giant in the same way he had defeated the animal predators in the wild. He knew where his strength came from and he was totally prepared to draw upon it. His survival kit included his trust in his God, his personal experiences in the field, a slingshot and five stones. He had everything he needed to take down a fully armored giant because he was prepared

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