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Unlock Your Hip Flexors\

The devices are usually portable and can be used at home or you can take it with you to a physical therapy session. When purchasing a unit, you may notice that there are single, dual, and quad machines. Two electrodes are used on a single channel, meaning you can only apply the electrodes to a single area. If there is a dual channel, meaning two channels, there are four electrodes, which can be placed in two areas. Finally, a quad channel has eight electrodes.You will often see different "modes" advertised for the units. Just like you have different preset modes on a treadmill, the TENS Unit can also have specific modes to target different areas of your body. Each mode is already preset to specific pulse rates, pulse widths, and frequencies. A mode already set for neck pain or wrist pain may do a much better job than you trying to figure out what frequency to set the machine. 

 A TENS Unit may not be the right device for everyone, but it a great alternative that can help with chronic pain. Whether you've suffered from a sport's injury or have post-surgery pain, this machine may prove to be an effective method that doesn't require the use of medication.A major contributor to pain reduction is the epidural injection. It is delivered into the spine within the epidural area. Pain killing drugs may be administered through a catheter for continuous use or simply a needle for one time relief. The injection affects both sensation and pain, reducing or almost eliminating them during the period while the drugs are active. This is accomplished because the transmission of pain signals through the nerves is interrupted.

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