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You have to realize that an intention is a package deal. It is a whole thing. You cannot accept one part of it and reject another part. When you want something, Vibrational Manifestation Review  you have to accept all of it. Desires that are love based are always good in every aspect. It is our fears that make us think certain parts of it is bad when it isn't so. When you love something perfectly, you love everything about it. You know that every part of it is what makes the total and complete existence of the situation or person which you desire. There are times when you intend to do something at a certain time, and then you keep thinking of doing it at another time.

 You don't realize that you are intentionally postponing your intention, and you keep wondering why it's being delayed. You may not even be aware that you are doing the things that create the opposite of what you intend to create. That is why becoming more conscious is important in becoming a more powerful creator of your reality. Be aware of what you're creating in every moment.

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