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Anabolic Running Review I am not a member in a gym like 24 Hr Fitness or Bally's, but I do have access to a corporate gym in an office complex free of charge + I have access to gyms in the city I live in as there are so called recreation centers that have pools and gyms. These rec centers are financed through the home owner association fees I have to pay due to owning a house in this city. So, I frequently visit a gym for many years. Over time you know the regulars, you recognize newbies that will eventually come back and you recognize those people that will fail with their fitness efforts and never show up again after trying for a few weeks. It's an interesting place such a gym. One thing I noticed often is the lack of understanding of how a gym works in regards to safety and personal hygiene. Consider the fact that you do not know if there person who used that elliptical climber before you might have been infected with the H1N1 flu virus. The person might not know yet that she was infected, but will feel it in about 24 hours. That gives the virus enough time to be carried around and to be spread among many more people. In addition, you do not know if the person who used that fitness equipment before you wiped off all the sweat. I personally think it is gross not to wipe the fitness equipment after I have used it. Even if I am alone in the gym, which randomly happens, I still wipe the treadmill or weights after using them. I do see it this way - I do not do things that I would want other people to do either. Meaning, I hope that if I consider it proper gym behavior to clean the equipment I used, other people should do so, too. So, I hope the treadmill I am going to use is clean (to a certain degree at least). So, to make a gym work for you, you have to accept certain standards. Clean the equipment you are using. Always return items to their proper place. Put the weights you have been using back in the correct order on the shelf. Friendly remind people that do not follow those standards. A friendly reminder or hint "argh, did I forget to put the weights back to where they belong ..." will work wonders sometimes. If you are inexperienced with certain training equipment, ask for help. The risk of getting hurt is not worth the effort. You want to be able to work out, you do not go to the gym to get hurt. Asking for help is also a great way to make new friends. It is also a great way to get the most out of your membership. I have seen too many people give up and leave the gym in frustration because they do not understand how a certain fitness device works and when they try it, everything goes wrong. If you do see training equipment that is broken, speak up. Don't let this device hurt somebody who did not notice it. I have seen people ignore this advice and a fellow gym member got hurt afterwards. Would you want to get hurt because somebody else was too lazy to mention this to the gym staff?! Probably not. You are also paying for this in one way or the other. You are paying to be able to use all the fitness equipment. But you will also be paying for liability insurance of the gym and if someone gets hurt the insurance premiums might go up which in return drives up membership prices.  

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