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One of the hottest areas in mutual funds today is overseas investment funds. Emerging economic powers like India and China are growing at rates that dwarf the U.S. as well as most European countries. Even with global turmoil, there are great buying opportunities overseas. There are a number of funds that are heavily invested in large corporations in Europe and Japan, yet do not include any of the newer emerging countries' companies. 

 On the other hand, funds that are solely concentrated on whichever market is the hottest today, whether it be China or Brazil, are going to carry a large amount of risk for investors. The smartest money managers of global funds are diversifying and balancing the new hot nation markets with the more conservative European-based stocks. The advantages of mutual funds in the global marketplace are obvious. Very few of us have extensive knowledge of most American based stocks, and would be hard pressed to even name the profitable and hottest company stocks in India, let alone China. Mutual fund managers take the guesswork out of foreign investments and neatly package them in funds, both on the conservative and higher risk sides.

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