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Vibrational Manifestation

Lets take another example. Lets say you wish to manifest peace in your life. So you feel positive about having peace in your life and you push the button on the machine and then you begin to notice that nothing around you is peaceful at all. The conditions have now begun to clear away any situations in your life that are not peaceful so that you can have peace. Yes the machine points out the weeds in your own life that are restricting you from having peace. The machine cuts the grass around your spiritual home and you can see where is good grass and where there are weeds. Now all you need to do to pluck out the weeds and you can have a nice grassy lawn. That is what you asked for. That is what you intended. Peace. So all the situations in your life that are not peaceful are clearly shoved in your face to get rid of. See what I mean by, we push the button but how that intention is manifest is not up to us? Peace could also come to you by throwing you in a hospital for two weeks. Guess what? You have peace because no one is bugging you there. Peace could also come to you because a friend suddenly walks out of your life; a friend who didn't know peace and didn't encourage peace in your life. Suddenly boom, that friend is now gone and you have what you intended. Peace. 

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