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The immediate cause Le Programme de reconstruction Capillaire of this syndrome is relatively unknown, but there are numerous symptoms associated with this condition. The main sign of restless leg syndrome is the deep urge to move about, primarily because your legs feel rather uncomfortable. You may experience an electrical charge, itching, pulling, pain and the feeling that your legs are on pins and needles. Some patients do not feel anything at all, but have the express need to move their legs. Usually, these symptoms are worse at night and increase the more the legs stay still. The more you try to relax, the worse the signs seem to get. What Affects Restless Leg Syndrome? There are numerous factors that are thought to contribute to the syndrome. Patients, who are pregnant, obese, anemic, diabetic or have some sort of vitamin or mineral deficiency, have experienced restless legs. Patients who smoke are also at risk. There have even been various medications and drugs that are connected to restless legs, such as Zantac, Elavil and other histamine blockers and antidepressant pills. Caffeine and alcohol are also known to produce restless legs. Sometimes, the condition arises in an individual who has a history of this syndrome in their family.

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