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Mouthwashes that contain antibacterial Quantum Vision System ingredients are not new, and they do seem to provide bad breath help. Newer approaches to the problem may be even more effective, but to date, no one has discovered how to get rid of bad breath for good. Some newer products seem to keep halitosis under continuous control as long as they are used consistently - products that release oxygen in the mouth to kill anaerobic bacteria, or use oil to gather up bacteria and carry them away. It's hard to eliminate these bacteria entirely, however, so if you stop using the product, the problem tends to recur. 

The answer may lie with the http://energizegreenssupplementreview.com/ body's ability to fight oral bacteria on its own. Researchers are now asking themselves whether lifestyle can play a role in how to get rid of bad breath. Is it made worse by poor diet - possibly some nutrient deficiency? Could an improved active healthy lifestyle stimulate the body's immune system to fight off the unwelcome bacteria? Hopefully, medical research in the coming years will answer this question - then we will all have access to more, and better, bad breath help.

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