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The Fungus Destroyer

One thing can be said of virtually every type of toe nail fungus medicine: it takes a long time to work, if it works at all. Most variations of over the counter nail fungus medication are applied topically, which means that the medication has to penetrate the nail and get at the fungus in order to work. In many cases it does not come into contact with the fungus. This is also true of topical prescription drugs - only the oral drugs get around the problem. 

Even if the medication reaches the fungus and arrests its growth, toe nails grow so slowly that it's months before the toenail looks normal again. Nail polishes are one of the very few fashion items that have always been very popular. Fashion trends come and go but all of them are always complemented by nail polishes. This is why these are the favorite cosmetic items for several women. If you are one of the women who love nail paints and want to experiment with them, you must own a lot of colors. However, it is important to make sure that you wear the right color according to your dress and your mood. Remember that the color of your nails can completely change your image. This is why you should choose it carefully. 

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