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Touchfire Case and Keyboard The term "rich media" refers to the use of multimedia outside of simple graphics. While text and static pictures are quite small in size, they are not very exciting. In fact, most users want something more dynamic, something more immersive -- something more "alive". As luck would have it, the upward trends in user bandwidths that is opening up a world of faster data transmission for all users makes using rich media practicable. Sounds, animations, video clips, and interactive embedded objects, as well as higher-quality static images are now practical because people can access them more quickly. File sizes increase with the complexity and refinement of your rich media and that is why faster Internet speeds for users is important to consider. You want to provide an experience that impresses, without taking too long to load. Load times can kill the experience, though tolerance levels will vary according to individual users. A good rule of thumb is to keep individual pages light enough such that they can load up in a few seconds each. Let the users choose to load up data-heavy objects on their own will, such as playing videos only when the user clicks the play button. Banners are graphic, text, or interactive files of fixed size. Generally they are rectangular, oriented either vertically or horizontally (thus the name "banner"). The idea is that these ads can be inserted into dynamically-created webpages as means of advertising. Of course, you can use them on your own website too, but the main purpose for banner ads is for advertising on various websites served by your banner ad service provider.   

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