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Pollination has to be done by shipping bees from remote locations because pollinators cannot survive where monocropping is used. Think of it like this: bees only have a food source for short periods of time during the entire year-the time when the crop is blooming. It would be like living in a desert that only rains and produces food for two to three weeks a year. This practice also creates a disturbance to honeybees' natural rhythms and balance, which many attribute as part of or the main cause or "root cause" of colony collapse disorder. Bees have been pollinating and producing honey for up to 250,000 years. They know what to do and how to do it. The use of beehives to pollinate around the country and even the world disturbs their way of life. When hives are used in this manner, they are fed sugar water, their honey isn't edible because of the pesticides used by monocropping, and the bees are less healthy and more vulnerable to disease and parasites. Finally, beekeepers take to using insecticides and other poisons to control disease and parasites, which in time only exasperates the problem. As a natural beekeeper, I can attest to how the bees' natural rhythms work and that shipping them around goes against all of their natural rhythms. 

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