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The Four Percent Group 
Internet marketing is huge, with over 80% of the worlds population having access to the internet and Google getting bigger by the second, information is so easily available, the problem being is what can you really trust. Is the information you are getting valid? You really do need to do you homework when finding something out and turning to the internet. Making sure that you have found the right information you are looking for is vital. So lets get back to internet marketing, and straight away I'm going to let you into one of the biggest truths about internet marketing. are you ready? Well 95% of the information on the internet which I can guarantee you have all seen is just hype, fluff, trying to fool you know the 'click here and within 90 days be earning $100,000 a month' really? And I'm amazed at how many people actually buy into all this, and hand over their hard earned money without even doing their research. Let me tell you, there is no way on this earth you can earn that much money without having to put some work in! It's just not possible. Also, you have to ask yourself, is this really going to work? I sign up, pay a load of money and sit back and watch the money roll in? I really don't think so! You have to put the work in. being an internet marketer is about connecting with people, not trying to sell them junk! it just doesn't work like that. Now first things first you should look out for, if you are going to buy into a system that promises to make you money you need to be sure that it is legitimate. One of the most important thing that you should know about internet marketing is that you need to learn how to market. Its like anything, you would not fly a plane without learning how to fly that plane, It just wouldn't happen. You need to learn how to market. Without this skill I can guarantee that you will not be successful at internet marketing. Now there are not many systems that will teach you how to market products on the internet, but there are a few out there, there are systems and people who really are willing to help you, who are legitimate and not just after a load of money. Now I've just been and had a look on Google and typed in the usual, 'make money online', 'earn a second income from home' etc... and not one sounds legitimate from what I have just said, all promising 'push button' money making systems, where you do noting and just watch you bank account grow.


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