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The advice of a specialist in the area of the nervous system would be useful for those who are suffering from severe headaches, as well as sudden onset headaches. Practically everyone suffers from a headache once in a while. Not every pain in the head is a sign of a major health problem. Often they are the BedRoom Guardian result of tension or a mild illness such as sinus congestion or a cold. However, some individuals suffer from more extreme pain in their head region, such as frequent migraines. In the rarest of cases, a headache can be brought about by something major, such as pressure on the skull or bleeding into the brain. In this case, seeing a neurologist for treatment would be smart. Chronic pain is another reason that a physician may feel it is in the best interests of a patient to have them examined by a healthcare provider who specializes in everything nerve related. There are plenty of people who suffer from pain in their neck or lower back region.

While this type of discomfort can often be treated by a family doctor, sometimes a specialist will become involved if it is accompanied by other issues, such as numbness, weakness, or problems with controlling the bladder or the bowels.Dizziness can be symptomatic of any number of medical problems. A nerve specialist may be consulted when a patient is experiencing vertigo and disequilibrium. When vertigo takes place, there is a sensation of spinning, as if one were on the merry-go-round at the fair. Disequilibrium relates to a lack of balance or coordination. A person may experience one or both of these problems. The causes for these issues may be minor, but in some instances, can be serious and should be checked out right away.

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