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Alva Generator Blueprint

The second important choice involves the operating method for your shutters. You have three options: manual operation; a mains or battery powered motor; or a solar power motor. Manually operated shutters involve a strap or sidewinder being installed inside your home, while both battery/mains operated and solar powered shutters are controlled by a remote control unit. (If you opt to install mains-powered roller shutters, it will be necessary for a qualified electrician to undertake the wiring.)Now the Lowe's Iris system has great options for controlling and monitoring your home energy usage, the energy efficiency and settings of your central heating and air conditioning, leak detectors to keep you from floating away, but it hasn't quite branched out to really making your home a "smart home". 

It's great to have that kind of information available, and to be able to make changes to how you live in your home by using that information, but what about when you're at home and you want to watch a movie? Or you settle into a comfortable chair with a good book, or with your tablet to play a game or just surf the internet? In those situations Wink really is one of the most stable, and up and coming control hubs you can have. While Revolv may talk to more devices, and Apple may promise a multiple network whole home control center, Wink is delivering a great cross section of devices geared towards making your home respond to you and what you are doing. There are robotic triggers that you can set to get the devices to respond to each other. It is possible to do these things with other controls using IFTTT or geographical sensing on your smart phone, but Wink makes it a bit easier by sensing state changes, or output signal and then issuing predetermined commands to other devices in the house. 

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